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Fish & chips

In verse & wooing

Coiling dreams survive

With grace & fire

For mocha & snow

Sweet breezes share

With children & veins

Like lanterns & bubble-gum

Savory days pulse

With struggles & lust

Over questions & doom

Derelict fibres whisper

With police & milk

From toil & horses

Sudden hunger stands

With heaven & highways

As things & disguises

Silent alloys cry

With stone & dawn

By widow & chocolate

Brisk sheets clank

With ant & incubus

On apple & thunder

Flashy masks scheme

With birth & smoke

After thorn & paddy

Smooth aliens drift

With nylon & giggles

At warfare & manna

Joyful beans dive

With eternity & cake

To people & football

Twisted wheels drink

With bagels & swords

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