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All hail yarn

Yarn is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It's basically a long string of material that can be dyed in any colour you could imagine, and the only limit to what can be created is imagination. Just looking at yarn, touching yarn, thinking about yarn is a soothing process, the creating itself meditation that transcends.

I recommend anyone to try to make something. If only just one thing. Though I will warn you, this stuff is like tattoos. Either you get one cause your friend got one, or you'll never stop getting new ink. There is no middle ground. But yarn is a fairly benign addiction, unless you overspend. I recommend second hand stores and sales.

All yarn is beautiful. From the cheap-ass garishly coloured acrylic, to the most luxurious earthy wool. Every one has a place somewhere, a thing that waits to be made from it. Go find yours today.

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