You wistful moon-tempest warrior

Hail the vestal harvest rose

With snowdrift hair & tempting spider-fingers

Surrender the stage to poppies in bloom

Ancient freeways lure the dead

Into the belly of the iron-snake night

Through the mouth of the desert

This earth of myrrh & secrets & digital chill

So start up your Firebird

And follow the clouds

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in a paper box under a table in a hallway of forgotten chairs a word


river eyes swim alone beach tears hush jazz low breathing stars never much protest shimmer yonder cracking plastic storm sing of doubt & darkness for a girl collide with my weak spine promise me... na

listen to the snake

drunken swagger wooing glacial flush girl young tail specimen crawling through a double-cross approximately fallen blessed judged hunted shaped halfpence July desert surprise on the bus prayers for a

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